ORC Consultores (ORC Consultants) is the leading political consulting firm in Venezuela specialized in Strategy, Political Intelligence, Public Affairs and Political Communication. We have extensive experience in advising public and private sectors on matters related to our field of expertise.

We help our strategic partners to face adversity and act as organizations and people who know the potential of anticipation and strategy in an uncertain environment like Venezuela.


Our Services:

Political Strategy:
Estrategia Politica ORC ConsultoresIn ORC Consultores we strongly believe that the basis of success is the Political Strategy. We investigated the environment and propose courses of action to achieve the objectives outlined for both public and private organizations as well as candidates for elected office.

In the roadmap we trace objectives and metrics to know at all times the progress toward the goal previously designed. In the complex world of politics, we are constantly applying our Intelligence Model, that allows foresee all variables affecting organizations.



Political Prospective:

The PORVENIR POLÍTICO (POLITICAL FUTURE) ® Scenarios and Environment Report is a product of Intelligence that analyzes the political, social, legal and economic situation of Venezuela and also presents trends and alert zones in relation to the political dynamics.

It has a special edition exclusively to the Politics Foresight, with 1 update per year. Also during election times, special editions with the constant analysis of polls and the most important developments of  differents campaigns.



Media Monitoring:
Real-time monitoring of news, decisions and situations that may affect the development of your organization. Every day we provide our clients with shipments of the most important information that is setting the news agenda, from 6 am until 9 pm shipments segmented by area of ??interest are made as well as the immediate time coverage of presidential speeches and statements of the main government spokesmen (economics, energy, oil, etc.).





Oswaldo Ramírez (owner and Director) is a Political Scientist, graduated from Central University of Venezuela, with graduate degrees in Public Finance (Andres Bello Catholic University) and Public Management (Metropolitan University).  He is professor of Public Opinion and Political Communication in Monteavila University.

In the past 14 years he has dedicated his professional life to advise organizations from public and private sectors in the areas of strategy, planning, communication and political intelligence.

You can read his blog containing political analysis, interviews and books he recommends at www.oswram.com

For media contact: please write to contacto(at)orcconsultores(dot)com


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